37th Annual: November 15, 16 & 17, 2024

J.C. Hannigan

J.C. Hannigan

About J.C. Hannigan

J.C. Hannigan lives in Norwood, Ontario, Canada with her husband, their two sons and their dogs. J.C. has been an independent author for almost ten years and is published through KDP Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Apple books. She writes swoony contemporary romance stories with compelling characters and vibrant plots that focus on relationships, mental health, social issues, and other life challenges. Her stories are based on small Canadian communities which are well received by readers craving a more familiar locale. Her writing has been described as romantic, edgy, bold, poignant, and raw.

Visit J.C. Hannigan at The Original Markham Home for the Holidays show and sale on November 15, 16 & 17, 2024.

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